Copper/Steel Tape Armouring Machine

Application Telecom/Power Cables/Railway Cables
Cable Dia 15 MM-150 MM
Line Speed 24 mtr/min
Pay off and Take Up Stand
Flange dia range 1000 MM-2500 mm
Max. Reel Weight 10 M.T.
Braking Pneumatic disk brake
Tension control Pneumatic disk type adjustable
Take Up Drive 10 HP DC Motor
Take Up Traverse Screw Drive 0.75 KW DC motor
Taping Head
No of Pads Two/Four
Outside dia 600 MM max
RPM 600 RPM max
Tape material copper/Textile/Paper/Plastic
Breaking Pneumatic
Lay Adjustment Motorized PIV
Steel Taping Head
No of Pads Two
Overall Diameter 600/800 MM
Speed 450 RPM max
Lay Adjustment Motorized PIV
Max. Wt. 150 kg
Tape thickness range 0.2 MM 1.00 MM
Belt Caterpiller
Pulling Force 1200 Kg (max)
Gripping Length 1200 MM
Width of Contact Belt 120 MM
Air Pressure required 4-6 Kg cm2
Speed 24 mtr/min
We reserve the right to change the design and specifications of the machines from time to time and photographs pasted on site are only reference purpose.