Wire Drawing Machine

No. of Dies 13 Nos
Inlet Wire Size 9.6 MM AL AlloyY/AL.ROD/8 MM CU ROD
Outlet Wire Size 1.96 MM AL Wire 1.70 MM CU Wire
Maximum Area Reduction 20.6 Approx
Percentage Elongation 26%
Finishing Speed 30 mtr/sec (max)
Lubrication of Gears Force Lubrication by oil Pump
Size of Capstan Dia - 450 MM Width - 65 MM
Wire Drawing Lubricant Flow Required 150-200 Gallon/min
Main Drive Motor 350 kw – for Aluminium 300 kw - for copper
Spooler Bobbin Size Flange Dia – 500 mm/630 din Specification
Spooler Drive 15 hp AC motor
Brake Pneumatic Disc Brake
We reserve the right to change the design and specifications of the machines from time to time and photographs pasted on site are only reference purpose.