Wire Stranding Machines

MODEL No. HTM/RST/630 Regid Type Stranding Machine
Type Fork Type/Cage Type
Application Stranding of Copper/Aluminium and Alloy/Steel Wire
Bobbin Size 400 MM/500 MM/550 MM/630 MM
Wire Size 1.4 MM-4.5 MM
Bobbin 1+6+12+18+24
Direction of Rotation Clock Wise/Anticlock wise
Cage Support Both end bearings
Cage Speed Max. 150 RPM for 24 Bobbin Cage
Bobin Holding Pintle type
Main Gear box Completely enclosed gears
Lay Pitch 100 MM-550 MM
Haul off capstan 1600 MM/2000 MM/2500 MM/3000 Dual Wheel
Take Up Stand 2600 MM (max)
We reserve the right to change the design and specifications of the machines from time to time and photographs pasted on site are only reference purpose.