• The Rod Break Down Machine is designed for drawaing of Aluminium & Copper Wire in one Process. The Machine Consists of Pay Off, main Machine, Bobbin Spooler or Vertical Coiler.

    Wire Drawing Machine

  • The Rigid Stranding Machine can be offered in diferent configuration as per customer choice. HTM can supply the Machine Fork/Cage/ Tubuler type. Normally the Stranding Machine is being used for AI/Cu & Steel Wires. The configuration of Stranding Machine is 1+6+12+18+24 Bobbins in different Bobin size from 300 MM Flange Dia Bobbin to 630 MM Flange Dia Din sizes of the Bobbin.

    Wire Stranding Machine

  • The Drum Twister Machine is designed for Laying up of Telephone & Power Cable. The machine consists of Bobbin Pay Off's/Drum Pay Off's, Deviation Roller Stand, Longitudinal Polyster Pay Off, Lay Plate/ Closing die stand Binder Unit, Tapping head, Rotating Belt Catepiler, Rotating Take Up, Lifting Platform & Drive controls.

    Drum Twister for Power Cable Machine

  • The Tape Armouring Machine is designed for Steel Tape Armouring of Telephone Cable & Power cables. The machine consists of Pay Off Stand, Polythene Tapping Head, Steel Tapping Head, Length Measuring Unit, Belt Caterpillar and Take Up Stand.

    Copper/Steel Tape Armouring Machine

  • HTM also supplies Planetary & Regid type Armouring Machine in various construction and for different application, complete with pay off stand, armouring cages, tape lapping heads Take Up Stand as per customer specification.

    Wire/Strip Armouring Machine

  • HTM offers a complete Sheating Line/Jacketing Line with Portal Type Pay Off Stands, input Caterpiller, Extruder 120/150 MM, Cooling Trough, Cross Head, Output Caterpiller, Marking Machine & Portal Type Take Up Stand with PLC Controlled Panels.

    Cable Sheathing & Jacketing Machine

  • The Machine is suitable to repair, rewinding & locate the Fault of 0.3 mm Cable dia and used for Telephone cable, Instrumentation cables, Control cables, Winding wire etc. The machine consists of Pay Off Stands, Control Station, Length Counter, Take Up Stands etc.

    Bobbin Rewinding Machine

  • HTM offers Heavy Repair & Rewinding Line suitable for Power/Telecommunication Cable. The lines are used for Repair & Rewinding of Core, Sheathed, armoured and finished cable, to detect & locate the Position of insulation, Sheathed Fault and repairing of Fault, and length measuring and Rewinding of cable drum.

    Cable Drum Rewinding Machine

We reserve the right to change the design and specifications of the machines from time to time and photographs pasted on site are only reference purpose.